Feline congenital hypothyroidism: a case report


scintigraphy, endocrinology, cat, levothyroxine, thyroid.

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Abend, G. C., de Azevedo, S. F., dos Santos, A. S., Cobucci, G. C., & de Souza, H. J. M. (2023). Feline congenital hypothyroidism: a case report. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 45, e003423. https://doi.org/10.29374/2527-2179.bjvm003423


We report a two-month-old male cat weighing 630 grams with congenital hypothyroidism. The main complaints were difficulty defecating for more than three days and prostration. Physical examination revealed a broad, flat face, a short neck, enlarged submandibular lymph nodes, chemosis, mild bilateral mucopurulent ocular discharge, seborrheic coat, with gingival thickening around the upper and lower deciduous incisor teeth with partial eruption. The abdomen was distended due to constipation and right unilateral cryptorchidism. Based on this, feline congenital hypothyroidism was suspected. Hormonal tests (free T4 by equilibrium dialysis of 0.06 ng/dl, total T4 of 0.1 ng/ml and TSH of 4.7 ng/ml) confirmed this. Treatment was started with levothyroxine sodium (5-32.2 µg/kg/day). After 120 days of treatment, there was clinical stabilization. Then the patient underwent orchiectomy of the left and of the right ectopic testicles, and at 380 days of treatment, the thyroid scintigraphy showed intense uptake of the radiopharmaceutical by both thyroid lobes and a significant increase in volume. Clinical evaluation showed weight gain (2.6 kilograms during treatment), improvement in the shape of the skull, and a notable increase in body size. At 17 months of age, hormone values were within the reference limits after administration of levothyroxine sodium (32.2µg/kg/day).



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