Genetic profiling of hsp70 gene in local Iraqi goats


HSP70 gene, goats, polymorphism, molecular analysis.

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Habib, H. N., Saleh, W. M. M., & Gheni, Q. J. (2022). Genetic profiling of hsp70 gene in local Iraqi goats. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 44, e004122.


Animals display numerous physiological and behavioral responses that reduce the effects of heat stress. Moreover, genetic variance is strongly associated with responses to heat stress, including variants of heat shock proteins (HSPs) that are necessary for thermoregulation and stress resistance. Herein, we performed the molecular profiling of the HSP 70 gene, and its polymorphism was demonstrated as a possible factor in the stress tolerance of local Iraqi goats. A number of different mutations were found owing to seven main polymorphisms. Results indicated the occurrence of silent and missense mutations in sequences obtained for Iraqi local goats. Genetic diversity was observed in the HSP70 gene of Iraqi local goats on the basis of phylogenetic-tree analysis as some mutations occurred once whereas others occurred multiple times. The polymorphisms LC616787, LC616788, and LC616791 were combined with the reference gene in the same branch, whereas polymorphisms (LC616785 and LC616786) and (LC616789 and LC616790) met in different branches, respectively. Moreover, all studied proteins had mismatches in their three-dimensional structures. Therefore, the presence of specific genetic differences within the HSP70 gene in Iraqi goats can increase the possibility of selecting animals more suitable to various levels of stress.


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